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Personal Website Challenge

Personal Website Challenge

It's June 2020 and we are all months into the COVID19 outbreak. Online chat has replaced all manner of physical forms from the main foyer in offices, all the way into our private homes during gametime with friends. Your watercooler is now an animated gif.

Scratch Wait — it's 2020 and and you still lack a quirky homepage?

The post-pandemic situation in America created more and less time at the same time. Let's use some of this time to learn, refresh, teach, and enjoy our own digital spaces together.

No Homepage?

If you do not already have a homepage then consider trying a hosted service. Github Pages is free and can host a basic website. GitHub Pages can even host a custom domain name if you purchase one. My domain was purchased from Hover (personal affiliate link) because they supported the .name TLD but pretty much any modern domain registrar will do. It's possible to switch web hosts and domain registrars too, so don't fret the choices - aim to make a choice.

Too many homepages?

For those of us that already own a domain then maybe now is the time for a design refresh or a new addition. There's never 'too many' - only insufficient automation.


Nostalga came knocking on my door and oddball websites stick out like a purple house in the 'burbs lately. If you need inspiration then consider /r/outrun, finding some classic Geocities style sites, or locating small webrings. Something like GreekRing for friends could be a great excuse for a group project.

So, what's the challenge?

  1. Make or redesign a website. Learn something new.
  2. Put your website on the internet.
  3. Add spice.

The idea is to learn something new, make something, and teach others along the way. No offense to boring websites but sometimes a little spice is required in life.



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